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Our Operations

Sprint has extensive operations throughout the United States and in three of the U.S. territories — U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam. With approximately 40,000 employees and a network that serves more than 50 million customers, Sprint's operations are significant, and the company places a critical importance on minimizing its environmental impact. After completing a materiality assessment in 2008, Sprint determined which operational impacts were the most critical and created a set of 10-year goals that would reduce its environmental footprint. Since then, Sprint has made excellent progress against these goals and has even increased some of goals once the original goal was completed long before originally anticipated.

Sprint's 10-year environmental goals include the following:

  1. We will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2017.
  2. We will secure 10% of Sprint's energy from renewable sources by 2017.
  3. We will reduce our electric energy consumption 15% by 2017.
  4. We will reduce operational waste-to-landfill by 30% by 2017.
  5. We will reduce our use of paper by 40% by 2017.
  6. We will send for reuse or recycle all of our Network and IT e-waste by 2017.
  7. We will ensure that 90% of our suppliers, based on sourceable spend, meet our social and environmental criteria by 2017.
  8. We will collect nine phones for reuse and recycling for every 10 Sprint sells annually - a 90% collection rate, by 2017.
  9. We will ensure 70% of wireless devices launched annually meet Sprint environmental criteria.

In this section, you will find information on Sprint's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and to effectively manage its use of natural resources — its two priorities for sustainable operations. The specific sections we've included are: