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Governance, Ethics and Policy

At Sprint, one of our core corporate values is to demonstrate integrity in all that we do -- not only through our words, but also in our actions. We have set a high standard of corporate governance and ethical responsibility that is reflected in our Code of Conduct, Corporate Governance Guidelines, and other governance policies and processes.

Sprint is committed to being a leader in corporate governance and ethics, which we see as a natural outgrowth of actions taken in recent years to enhance our corporate governance effectiveness and to establish corporate responsibility policies that reflect our positions on critical issues.

Within the past few years, we have:

  • Amended our bylaws to implement the right to call a special meeting of shareholders for the holders of at least ten percent of our outstanding common stock and to permit our shareholders to take certain actions by written consent;
  • Adopted strict independence standards for outside directors that meet or exceed the NYSE's listing standards;
  • Seated a declassified Board of experienced and diverse directors, including a strong non-executive Chairman of the Board;
  • Amended our Code of Supplier Conduct to expand social and environmental requirements for all suppliers; and
  • Created and published an Environmental Policy, Human Rights Statement, Electronic Stewardship Policy, Paper and Print Procurement Policy and Statements on Conflict Minerals and Human Trafficking.

At Sprint, we believe there are no shortcuts when it comes to corporate responsibility. Through our organizational structure, philosophy and culture, we are committed to creating an environment that enforces the highest standard of corporate governance and ethics. We encourage you to visit frequently to read about the latest ways we have delivered upon our commitment.

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