Secure Messaging for Healthcare

Sprint Secure Messaging helps you simplify healthcare compliance, with a secure and fast communication platform that meets the highest standards of HIPAA regulations.

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Secure Messaging for Healthcare
Secure Messaging for Healthcare

Master the Compliance Minefield
With Sprint's Secure Messaging solution, you get a near real-time communication platform that helps your people to work faster and smarter, collaborate more efficiently, and improve decision-making while simplifying HIPAA compliance. Sprint Secure Messaging can help you:

  • Send safe and secure instant messages
  • Simplify compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • Reduce setup time by integrating with existing infrastructure
  • Protect and preserve essential data with archiving functionality
  • Reach large groups of staff with group messaging and distribution lists
  • Automatically delete sensitive information after use with lifespan parameters
  • Increase service quality with a more connected workforce
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